Gabon: Provoking Change

Laurence Ndong

Couverture "Gabon: Provoking Change"
  • Catégorie : Essay
  • Date de publication : Septembre 2018
  • Éditeur : Atramenta
  • Format : 148x210mm, 132 pages
  • Reliure : Couverture souple, finition brillante
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ISBN : 978-952-340-298-0


Laurence Ndong reveals to us the hidden ways of Gabonese politics. She describes the political misery she actually witnessed, a misery so deep that it threatens her hopes regarding the future of her country. 

Most of all, she writes in order to share with every Gabonese her strongest conviction: that it is possible to build a better country, it is possible to change mentalities toward a true prosperity.

Laurence Ndong also wonders about the international community's outrageous silence regarding the violations of human rights. She analyses the underlying factors behind the   country's social, values and economical crisis. 

This book is definitely more than a political read, it is a Societal piece of work that includes...

Mots clés : Politique, société, démocratie

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