Three yellow cushions

Georges-André Quiniou

Couverture "Three yellow cushions"
  • Catégorie : Recueil de nouvelles
  • Date de publication : Juin 2016
  • Éditeur : Atramenta
  • Format : 148x210mm, 134 pages
  • Reliure : Couverture souple, finition brillante
Prix : 12,90 €
ISBN : 978-952-273-859-2


Playing in the park one day, Agathe, who is ten, loses her doll Louise. The following Wednesday, when she tells her friend Cécile that Louise had written her a letter Cécile of course makes fun of her and doesn't believe a word of it. However...

Like Agathe, the others characters of these stories are all confronted with seemingly very banal elements of reality which very much disrupt the course of their daily lives.

Mots clés : little girls, dolls, fantastic

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